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Juuli Aschan

Juuli Aschan,
ceo & co-founder

Juuli combines Scandinavian simplicity and wild creativity with her strong advertising agency background creating beautiful content. She has been wor understands lightning and technical details.

When she's not writing about herself in the third person, Juuli likes to watch movies, eat chocolate while watching some really crappy reality shows and she probably has some fresh flowers at home.

Niko Sveins

Niko Sveins,
ad & co-founder

Niko has been working as an Art Director for award-winning music media YleX. He loves to use bold colors and always looks projects with a fresh pair eyes. He designed his firs logo when he was a 13 years old boy and that company is still using that logo so he really knows how to do classics.

Niko is always spotting cool package design when strolling in the super markets and he could eat hamburgers for every meal. Squash is probably his favorite sport.

Santtu Oja

Santtu Oja,
graphic designer

Here's Santtu! He has Master’s degree in Graphic Design and some serious superpowers in 3D and motion graphics. Santtu is sensitive and organized, he gets shit done. (But there’s always time to get a cup of great coffee.)

“I am not afraid of big challenges and I believe that everything can be overcome with a good work team and a determined attitude. I enjoy working with people. I think communication is the most important tool for solving creative problems.”

Santtu loves video games and flowers.

Emmi Pälvilä

Emmi Pälvilä,
marketing assistant

Emmi is the light of our days at the office! She is a punctual person and passionate about content creation, copywriting and branding. Her precise eye for details and visual stuff stands out.

“I love to throw myself into projects and get creative. All the muudmakers are so brave and talented, together we can share all the weird ideas and that leads to the best outcomes.”

Emmi has a big love for sour drinks and treats.

About us!

Our exclusive, boutique service focuses on you and your brand. Don’t be just another fish in the sea, receive the spotlight treatment with Muud.

We are a boutique agency creating indelible brand expressions and experiences designed to move people. Uncommon brands stand out from the rest, and leave a mark.

We grow brands – and we get results. We create unique experiences that attract, engage and convert new customers to your business – pairing inventive creative with proven digital strategies to build brand campaigns that work.

From traditional to digital and everything in between.​

We offer brand development, visual identities, graphic design, logo design, web design, package design, video production and still photography.

Whether you’re looking to launch a product, break into a new market, enhance sales, or create. overall brand awareness, we can customize an approach to meet your objectives and impact your bottom line.

We’re a fun and dedicated creative professionals. We’re young but experienced. We’re honest – sometimes to a fault. We’re great at what we do. And we’re fun to hang out with. You’ll like us. We swear.​

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