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Alex Mattson

Brand identity, logo and promotional photos for Alex Mattson.

Alex Mattson has charmed Finland, the Baltics and the Nordic countries with his pop-hooked EDM songs.

The artist’s new visual look was implemented with clear, stylish graphics. A small sense of utopia was sought in the photographs.

Lili & Luna

Logo, fonts, colors, promotional photos and videos for Lili & Luna. 

Lili & Luna is a country duo from Kouvola. The group consists of Leena Tirronen and her niece Sanni Savolainen. They both love country and folk music.

Kesäkumi music video

We produced the whole music video for the iconic Kesäkumi-campaign. The video features Arttu Wiskari and Erika Vikman, and it gathered over 1 million views.

Kesäkumi-campaign encourages you to enjoy the summer safely. The campaign has already been organized almost 30 times and is included in many summer events, such as Ruisrock in Turku, Blockfests in Tampere, Ilosaarirock in Joensuu and Qstock in Oulu.


Photography for La Kiva.

La Kiva’s brand was born in 2018 from obsession for colors and oversized earrings. Their mission is to save women from fear of being too much. La Kiva is one of the higher quality Finnish accessory brands which wont leave anyone cold.

The client gave us full trust and free hands to execute the shoots and looks. Milieu, settings, and the model’s looks were inspired by the high fashion world. La Kiva’s jewelry emphasizes limitless creativity. That ideology served as the main theme in the shoot – Let the end result speak for itself.